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Why do MEMS speakers have such a high THD peak at 10 kHz?

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The THD peak at ~10 kHz stems mainly from a mode of the MEMS at 21 kHz. When the MEMS is excited with 21kHz it resonates strongly and produces movement and subsequently a higher SPL. Due to small inherent non-linearities in the movement of the MEMS, 10.5 kHz will produce a small frequency component at 21 kHz which resonates and

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What is THD?

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THD is a term commonly used in audio engineering. It refers to total harmonic distortion and is used to describe the harmonic distortion present in an acoustic signal, ergo, low THD stands for a high clarity of sound. Measuring THD is an interesting task that we’d like to look at in more detail based on our MEMS speaker Achelous. To

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