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Advantages of Occluded Ear Applications

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Compared to Traditional Electrodynamic and Balanced Armature Loudspeakers MEMS speakers provide unique features and compelling advantages compared to electrodynamic and balanced armature speakers. The application-specific advantages of MEMS speakers must be separated into two main kinds of applications: Free field and occluded ear applications. In this article, we will focus in the occluded ear applications. When we talk about occluded

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How to program the DSP for MEMS earphones in the Ananke evaluation set

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The Ananke 3.0 Evaluation Set enables the assessment of MEMS speakers with digital signal chain prototyping and the development of in-ear MEMS speakers-based applications. In this video, we walk you through the process of programming the DSP in combination with the SigmaStudio DSP integrated development environment.  A list of useful links: Ananke 3.0 UA-E 1030 on Digi-Key DSP Programming

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