How are our Ganymede MEMS speakers connected mechanically?

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Sealing the front from back side of the speaker is critical to obtain the best acoustic output. This can be achieved by two methods:

  • Gluing the speaker into the housing. In this case the glue can be applied around the speaker or on the cover. Care must be taken to:
    • Obtain a 100% sealed glue-line
    • Not cover critical parts with glue spill, like membrane, back opening or electric contacts
  • Using a gasket between housing and cover. In this case the speaker must be pressed from the back side onto a gasket in the housing. This can be done by a simple mechanical part or via pogo pins / spring contacts also used for the electrical connection.

While in the final application the usage of glue may be desired due to cost, the use of a gasket offers the advantage of compensating mechanical tolerances and the possibility of non-destructive disassembling.

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