How are our Ganymede MEMS speakers connected electrically?

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The current versions of Ganymede MEMS speakers have two land pads on the backside. They are shaped differently to mark the polarity. There are different ways on how to bring electricity to these contacts:

  • Hand soldering on the pads: It is worth noting, that the speaker is not able to withstand the normal reflow process (mainly because of the membrane). Therefore, also manual soldering has to be done with care to no heat up the whole Ganymede (normally not a problem).
  • Pogo pins or spring contacts: The pads on Ganymede are designed to allow connection with these types of touching contacts. Due to the pad size, even some tolerances in the box design can be compensated.
  • Conductive glue: theoretically very similar to the soldering, but with much more degrees of freedom. If using glue, one must pay attention to not cover the two openings in the middle of the backside of Ganymede.
  • Reflow soldering: Currently, Ganymede does not support this option. If exposed to the typical reflow temperatures, severe degradation has to be expected.
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